Time for What?
The New 52 sucks. Pass it on.

Aw. I enjoyed the New 52 Green Lantern Corps.

Talk Like a Pirate Day?


You all remember the Talk Like a Pirate Day?

I’d celebrate this day MY WAY by not saying that “yarrr” bull shit. Instead it would go like this.



“Oh, I’ve got the ‘I can’t board the ship’ disease….”



And I’m sure you know what pirates I’m referring to.

Yeah. Still good.

ReBoot + Tron animator at Montreal comic-con

So I got to the panel on Reboot and one of here animators here, Jim Su, who worked on Tron Legacy.

I was vaguely hoping he’d had something to do with vehicles or something, light cycles are always cool, and they certainly were gorgeous. But no, it wasn’t that (drumroll….)—he did the rigging for the cgi appearances of RINZLER.

I may have gone OMG. Little bit. Wheeee! He signed my ReBoot art book and wrote “(I rigged Rinzler)” for me :D

I think almost everything I write is in the green section! I love me some cliches.

Also, in terms of reading, this is why I don’t bother with WiPs almost ever.

I think almost everything I write is in the green section! I love me some cliches.

Also, in terms of reading, this is why I don’t bother with WiPs almost ever.

oh shit fic!Beck is having a crisis on my Word .doc

Beck’s an angst bucket. Who was it on here that said finding a clip of him smiling was like locating a damn unicorn?

(Seems like it worked out though eh?)


30 Days of Why Am I Writing Even Trying
| DAY 1 | DAY 2 | | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 |
Prompt: Snowflake
Characters: Sam Flynn and Beck
Genre: General, Acquaintanceship
Words: 746
Summary: Sam is woken up by a program in his apartment. Set three weeks or so after Legacy.


It was…

Beck meets Sam and be still my heart. Good god. Whatever Beck has been through by this point, too, I think he probably NEEDS a Sam.

Oh and maybe I did have one crit actually, but it’s not really, I just want to know how Beck knew to end up in Sam’s place or if the laser and desk were moved and now spit the programs out there (arguably safer, if they’re friendly).

And pardon me but I love this a LOT. Yeah, I really do.

"that scene where Pavel takes over the drill and he’s shrieking at the Blackguard minions “I’M THE HEAD HONCHO, THE BIG CHEESE, NUMERO UNO” and I was like, wtf is that supposed to be? They don’t even HAVE cheese!"

I got into an argument over this elsewhere on the intertubes. I agree with you, fwiw — sure, one could say that he’s just using User phrases without understanding them because Flynn’s vocab entered Grid slang in whichever way, but considering all the other inconsistencies and the writing of program characters as if they were human teens it just seems like another lazy slip. (The worst offender though is Zed’s “so long, ladies!” — nice to know that even genderless computer programs find ‘female’ to be degrading so thanks for that, Disney writers!)

I can get behind the Flynn justification for expressions for my own peace of mind while watching Uprising, but you’re right about that -_-. And here I had repressed the “so long, ladies!”, god dammit. Why you have to remind me of Disney writers’ dumbassery?!?!

Well ain’t no one gonna be saying “big cheese” when I’m writing anyhow. SO TAKE THAT DISNEY INTERNALIZED SEXISM.

Re Pavel: explicable, I think, by Flynn’s User idiom getting popular and spreading around the Grid whether or not the programs had any idea what it meant, same as Ram getting ‘demons’ and ‘put a cork in it’ from his User(s). Because seriously, all of those things are things Flynn would’ve called himself at one point or another, amirite?

Ooooh. Issues of sexism and the rest of it aside, I appreciate this particular bit because it fixes that for me! Hurray!

Tron Legacy original intro scene (by gayforwesley)

I LOL’d.